Enjoy Internet Of Things, the new telecommunication role has just begun.

IoT, Machine to Machine communication, Low Power Energy, Security. Connected over NB-IoT, BLE, RFID/NFC, LoRaWAN and others. Collecting and Exchanging Data - communication, interworking. To human, to vehicle, to any. Cyber world and human world. Artificial intelligence. Smaller sensors, cloudified backends.
New challenges for sophisticated services. New risks of misuse.
Who ?

About Us

Since year 2000 were both founders working in a VoIP software and hardware developing corporation. In the year 2003 decided to create own company offering consulting services for new packet switched telephony to leading telecommunication companies. From the beginning of the year 2004 new limited company could successfully start with first orders and could during this time follow the generation change from circuit switched telephony up to IMS defining access independent IP Multimedia Subsystem for multimedia telephony and services like f.e. VoLTE, RCS.
Since that time could collect a lot of valuable experiences and contacts in design and architecture teams of leading telecommunication companies in the world. In the year 2015 decided to extend the Network Technology focus with Software Technology/Development as well to approach exiting space of IoT ideas and opportunities.
What ?


Network Technology

  • RFQ Procedures for IMS Systems and it's Network Elements
  • Designs for Service, Platform, System
  • Testing and validation concepts with focus on functionality, redundacy, high availability, scalability, DoS and DDoS protection
  • Implementation

Software Technology

  • Analyses, architecture, development, testing and implementation
  • Microsoft .Net CRM Systems
  • Mobile Apps
  • IoT over LTE, BLE, LoRa
  • Hybrid software development
  • Near Field Communications
  • Development as a Service (DaaS)
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JuSa, s.r.o.

Slovak Republic (SK)
+421 (907) 109200

Germany (DE)
+49 (40) 50032715


Registration No.: 36 558 931 (Register of Companies Nitra, Slovak Republic)
VAT: SK2021803674
IBAN: SK21 1100 0000 0026 2283 0753


contactme AT jusa DOT sk

Success Stories

Deutsche Telekom AG DeTeCon Live Reply Telefonica Deutschland Dimension Data T-Mobile Slovakia EuroTel Slovakia Fayn Czech-Republic
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We are hiring

And always looking to hire the new talent to help us grow.
Apply for new opportunities under talent AT jusa DOT sk
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